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Image Stimuli

  • Rossion & Pourtois (2004, Perception, 33, 217-236) set of color drawings based on the original Snodgrass & Vanderwart set of line drawings
    • Our "expansion pack" of similar-looking images that have high name agreement: [coming soon]
    • photos version of the same item set with some additional norms (Moreno-Martínez & Montoro, 2012, PLoS ONE, 7:5, e37527)
  • Bank of Standardized Stimuli (Brodeur et al., 2010, PLoS ONE, 5:5, e10773): high-quality color photos of common objects, many normed for name agreement, visual complexity, etc.
  • International Picture Naming Project Stimuli (Szekely et al., 2004, Journal of Memory and Language, 51(2), 247-250): black-and-white line drawings of 520 common objects and 275 transitive and intransitive actions
  • A collection of image sets compiled by Sebastiaan Mathôt.
  • Novel noun and unusual name database (Horst & Hout, in press, Behavior Research Methods, doi:10.​3758/​s13428-015-0647-3): color photographs of novel objects for word learning and categorization experiments.


Semantic Representations

Computational Modeling Software

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