R Resources

We use R for most statistical analyses. To help ourselves and others, here is a list of the R resources we find most useful.

Cheat Sheets

Dan's R Cheat Sheet: a 2-page summary of the functions I use the most.

Cheatsheets by RStudio: info-packed 2-page guides for graphing, data wrangling, markdown, etc.

Reference Websites

Quick-R: an excellent searchable reference guide

Cookbook for R: cookbook-style how-to wiki, particularly useful for experimental psychology

Penn R study group: detailed reference in the form of tutorial notes

ggplot2: documentation website for our main graphics tool
A chart chooser: simple examples of many different kinds of ggplot graphs.

The R graph gallery: many different graph examples with snippets of code for generating them.

Matlab/R Reference guide: A handy reference for both R and Matlab (our other main analytical tool)

Hadley Wickham's Style Guide

Learning R
Flow chart



R Bloggers: A blog aggregator pulling together posts from over 140 bloggers who write about R in English

StackOverflow - R: A great community Q & A site. If you have a problem, they can usually help you.


R in a Nutshell by Joseph Adler

R for SAS and SPSS Users by Robert Muenchen

Analyzing Linguistic Data by Harald Baayen

ggplot2: part of the Use R! series of focused guide books

Books that teach statistics and R together:
Learning Statistics with R by Daniel Navarro (ebook is free!)
Discovering Statistics Using R by Andy Field, Jeremy Miles, & Zoe Field
Dan Mirman,
Sep 20, 2013, 11:28 AM