Dan Mirman
dan [at] danmirman [dot] org

Research Interests:
Spoken language processing and impairments.
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Jason Geller
jgeller1 [at] uab [dot] edu

Research Interests:
Visual word recognition, learning and memory.

Graduate Students

Jon Landrigan
jl3456 [at] drexel [dot] edu

Research Interests:
Computational modeling, semantic memory.
Melissa Thye
mthye [at] uab [dot] edu

Research Interests:
Translational neuroscience, neurodevelopmental disorders.

Research Assistants

Casey Ferrara

Undergraduate Students

Sam Castillo



Research Interests:
(1) Examining variations in canine digestive properties in response to organic and inorganic materials.
(2) Tracking and retrieval of small projectiles, both spherical and disc-shaped.
(3) Investigating feline swatting reaction time using the canine sniffing and head licking paradigm.


M. Roxana Botezatu (Post-doc, 2013-2015)
Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, University of Missouri

Qi Chen (Post-doc, 2011-2013)
Professor, School of Psychology, South China Normal University
Director, Psychology Program, China National Science Foundation

Laura Skipper-Kallal (Graduate student, 2012-2013)
Post-doc, Georgetown University
AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow

Chia-lin (Charlene) Lee (Post-doc, 2010-2012)
Assistant Professor, Graduate Institute of Linguistics, National Taiwan University

Solène Kalénine (Post-doc, 2009-2011)
Chargé de Recherche (CR2), Université Charles-de-Gaulle Lille III

Allison Britt (Research assistant and lab manager, 2010-2016)
Speech-language pathologist

Kristen Graziano (Research assistant, 2009-2014)
Graduate student, Columbia University

Amanda Kraft (Undergraduate student, Custom-Designed Major in Neuroscience, 2014-2016)
Advanced Technology Laboratories, Lockheed Martin


Laurel Buxbaum (MRRI)
Jim Magnuson (University of Connecticut & Haskins Laboratories)
Erica Middleton (MRRI)
Myrna Schwartz (MRRI)
Sharon Thompson-Schill (University of Pennsylvania)