Audacity Training Assignment

  1. Read through the "Recording and Editing Tips" document. It has background information about how to make recordings and edit them. You will be working with a file that has already been recorded.
  2. Open the file "Example Recording" in Audacity. This is a portion of a recording that was used to create stimuli for an eyetracking experiment.
  3. Use the noise removal effect in Audacity to get rid of some of the background noise in the recording (instructions are in the "Tips" document).
  4. Copy each of the 10 sentences in the recording into separate files.
  5. Add silence at the start of each file so that the start of the target word (after “find the…”) is at 700 msec. for all of the files.
  6. Use Praat to normalize the intensity of all sound files to 60 dB (do it manually for one file, then use our script to do all of them as a batch).
  7. Save all of your final edited files in one folder.

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