Open Positions

Undergraduate Students

Engaging undergraduate students in research and providing hands-on research training experiences are a core part of the LCDL mission. We welcome enthusiastic students who are interested in using experimental and computational methods to study how the mind and brain work. Typical starting roles include helping with data collection (running behavioral and eye-tracking experiments) and helping to design and set up new experiments. Students also often have the opportunity to develop and run their own studies. In addition to students studying Psychology or Neuroscience, we welcome students from other majors who have interests in cognition and neuroscience, including Computer Science, Linguistics, Biomedical Engineering.

Graduate Students

Graduate education and mentorship is a high priority in the LCDL. Graduate students in the lab learn new skills, lead research projects, and work in teams. Prospective graduate students should apply to the PhD program that most fits with their interests. Prospective students who are primarily interested in the neural basis of language and cognition are encouraged to apply to the Behavioral Neuroscience program, prospective students primarily interested in cognitive changes during typical and atypical development are encouraged to apply to the Lifespan Developmental Psychology program. For information about current research projects, see the Current Research page.